Thermo wood process in molecular perspective

Raw wood has Hydroxyl bonds OH, which attracts water into wood texture.

Drying wood by common methods removes H2O molecules from wood texture and decreases the moisture content to 10%.

In thermo wood process, dried woods experience around 200° C thermal shock leading to breaking the hydroxyl bonds; therefore, there be no more water absorption factor into the wood texture. The water, in the vicinity of thermo wood, penetrates on the wood surface and rapidly evaporates.

Thermo wood functions:
Thermo wood, with about 168 species, is applicable for contexts in weather conditions like cold, heat, rain, humidity, insects and UV including building façade, decking, bridge, flower box, swimming pool area, canopy, pergola, sauna, wooden cottage and villa, etc.

These structures are made of Finnish processed woods in large scales for constructing structures such as sport, educational, and residential buildings.
The structures are not predesigned; rather, the customer makes designer designed; manufactured in the factory; and finally, installed as prefabricated structures at site.
Safety against earthquake, high resistance against weather conditions, as well as low weight comparing other materials caused thermo woods a proper alternative for other construction materials.


Towform Company following years of experiences and many efforts in launching many Thermo wood projects in various areas including wood view, decking, landscape and swimming pool, pergola and louver, is now ready to deliver architectural and construction projects and services.


  • Importer and sale of thermo wood
  • implementing modern and classic views
  • implementing yard and roof garden
  • implementing decking (wood laminate flooring)
  • implementing pergola,wooden louver,and doors
  • implementing wooden furniture

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