What is Thermowood?

Historically human being figured out that wood parching or burning could considerably increase resistance to many climatic factors in outdoors. Hence, many studies conducted in different countries.
Finland achieved thermo wood method following long years of studies and experiments in heat-treated wood including:

Phase 1:
First, the woods cut into different forms; then, they are heated up to 100-130 ° C under specific condition in a Thermo wood machine, which causes dried woods by decreasing moisture content.

Phase 2:
The temperature increased up to 190-220 ° C under the same condition; therefore, all wood resin and moisture out approaching to the zero. The wood remains at this temperature and situation for a long time and all parts turn into light brown.

Phase 3:
The wood gradually cooled to approach 100° C; then, to reach ambient temperature water and steam spray is used. At this step, the wood attracts moisture and the final moisture approaches to 4-6%.
No chemical is used for this process and all the operation conducted without any additives. The woods are resistant against heat, cold, rain, humidity, and insects, as well as any changes in external and internal environment and divided into the two following classes:

In this method, the wood heated up to 180° C; the resistance increased and usually used indoors. Wood stability also enhances and stabilizes against dimensional variations.

The wood, in this method, heated up to 220° C and increased resistance to climatic factors. Wood durability also enhances and applies in outdoors and landscapes.


Towform Company following years of experiences and many efforts in launching many Thermo wood projects in various areas including wood view, decking, landscape and swimming pool, pergola and louver, is now ready to deliver architectural and construction projects and services.


  • Importer and sale of thermo wood
  • implementing modern and classic views
  • implementing yard and roof garden
  • implementing decking (wood laminate flooring)
  • implementing pergola,wooden louver,and doors
  • implementing wooden furniture

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