Thermo wood color resistant to sun exposure

PINE thermo woods are resistant against all outdoors climatic factors. However, resistance against UV and avoiding wood color change requires dying with thermo wood specific colors before installed outdoors. These colors regarded as thermo wood process supplementary operations preventing any color changes and losing pigments. ASH thermo woods are also resistant against outdoor climatic conditions. However, using TEKNOS oils makes it highly resistant against UV, and retains its beauty, too. TEKONS colors are aquatic and absorptive with 80 color scopes. Furthermore, TEKNOS colors maintain wood original texture. High variety increases customer choice opportunities. All the aforementioned colors produced by TEKNOS Co. in Finland, which is of the few approved companies by International Thermo wood Association protecting thermo wood surface.

Wood painting

Thermo woods painted in four steps at 24 intervals as follows.
Once all the following steps performed, you can ensure that thermo wood is resistant to UV:

Step 1: thermo wood, at first step, immersed in BASE pools; then, drying takes place for 24 hours.

Step 2: next, all sides of thermo wood painted by the color customer selected from a 20-color scope using a paintbrush. Then, it remained 24 hours to be dried.

Step 3: after 24 hours, thermo wood repainted and remained 24 hours to be dried.

Step 4: finally, TOP COAT is sprayed on the surface, and it is ready to deliver. It is worth notifying that painting operation considered as supplementary; thus, it is necessary to do all the aforementioned steps.

Durability: 12 Year



Durability: 15 Year


TEKNOS colors are absorptive, aquatic colors consisting of 80 color scopes, some of which are provided to the customer in our company.


Towform Company following years of experiences and many efforts in launching many Thermo wood projects in various areas including wood view, decking, landscape and swimming pool, pergola and louver, is now ready to deliver architectural and construction projects and services.


  • Importer and sale of thermo wood
  • implementing modern and classic views
  • implementing yard and roof garden
  • implementing decking (wood laminate flooring)
  • implementing pergola,wooden louver,and doors
  • implementing wooden furniture

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